Activities / Events

Banner Group

  • A Banner Group is held in the church every Monday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. This dedicated band of ladies (no gentlemen, yet!) competently led by Beryl Trimby, design and make banners that reflect the church seasons of the year, such as Easter, Pentecost, Christmas etc. The banners, which are made of engaging colours, have compelling imagery and thoughtful text; they inspire worship, assist in clarifying themes, and can help in defining space by their positioning.



  • A hugely successful Naturefest was held in the church on 02nd June 2017 saw a wide range of craft activities arranged for children of all ages. Numerous stalls were held in the church and also in the churchyard where various stalls became mini workshops for a variety of activities, including: stone painting; wood painting; flower arranging; bird house building; earth art. This was such an attraction that we must consider making it an annual event (volunteers welcome).



  • The Ensemble 1677 provided a very enjoyable evening of musical entertainment here on Saturday 22nd April. Ensemble 1677 was founded in 2016 by John Hosking and Olivia Hunt with the aim of promoting music from the 13th-18th centuries.

This Easter-orientated programme also included enchanting secular music. Performing with John and Olivia were Francis Hills (countertenor), Richard Griffiths (countertenor), Bethan Royles (Violin), Sarah Williams (Recorder), Ed Wadon (Cello), Grace Dixon (Oboe), Graham Eccles (percussion).

Subdued and coloured lighting coupled with the architecture of this ancient building provided a beautiful atmospheric experience, and the evening was appropriately concluded with light refreshments supplied and served by the ladies of the church congregation.