Relationship with the Local Primary Schools.

The two local primary schools are supported by regular visits of our clergy and lay members, when involvement with the church is encouraged. The pupils from Esgob Morgan Junior School and the VP Infants School attend the Cathedral each month and also come to the parish church for their end of each term service.


Wednesday 24th January 2018

Today, year 2 from the VP Infants school came to the Parish church to learn about prayer. We learnt different ways to help us to pray using prayer cubes, buttons, a waste paper bin for our sorry prayers and popping bubble wrap for forgiving others prayers.

The children learnt more about the Lord’s Prayer and that Jesus loves little children talking to him, telling Him their concerns and giving thanks. They all took part in the activities really well, and we hope to see them again this term.


  • Children from Ysgol Esgob Morgan, St Asaph, at the ‘Forget-Me-Not’ tea party in church during July 2017; the school has a programme of training year 6 pupils as ‘Dementia Friends’.  Both the older and younger generations greatly enjoy and benefit from each others company


  • Members of the congregation of both the St Asaph Cathedral and the Parish Church kindly donated money to purchase a Bible for each of the year 6 children leaving Ysgol Esgob Morgan in July 2017. These children were all leaving to join seven different secondary schools and we wanted to give them a special gift on the occasion of such an important change in their lives.

VP Infants School, St Asaph

Ysgol Esgob Morgan, St Asaph

A ‘work party’ at the school’s allotment