Messy Church Under Lockdown!

Messy  Church     at 9.00am Sunday 03rd May 2020

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If prompted, the password is      8xtN6w


The closure of school buildings, schools, and banning of groups of people because of coronavirus affected us all in many ways; some good and some definitely not. The changes have mandated a creative approach to keeping in touch and delivering Messy Church and Messy Church Holiday Club.

During Holy week, the Easter story was told in daily episodes and shared on St Asaph’s Messy Church Facebook page ( together with crafts and puzzles to try at home.

However, this doesn’t allow for real time interaction, which is the joy of Messy Church, today’s ‘breaking news’ is that we are going to attempt ‘Messy Church via Zoom’ on Sunday 03rd May at 9.00am. You do NOT need to sign up for a Zoom account.

If you would like to join us; the link for the Sunday’s session will be posted on this page at 6.00pm on Saturday 02nd May.

    Messy  Church        at 9.00am Sunday 03rd May 2020

Do join us if you can; 9.00am is early for Sunday, so children’s pyjamas are allowed!


During routine checking and maintenance of the church’s bellcote earlier this year (2017) excessive wear was found to the bell’s headstock with partial separation at its gudgeon’s / axle apertures. The risk of continued use was too great and therefore it was removed for further investigation and repair. Following dismantling a small fracture was found to the bell’s crown indicative of fatigue failure.

The work required to return the assembly to use entailed the repair of the bell’s crown; replacement of the headstock with appropriate seasoned oak; renewal of retractable stainless steel axles fitted with stainless steel springs built into the oak headstock; stainless steel support bands for the lateral timber extensions; the headstock’s circumferential retaining straps were renewed. To retain historical elements where possible, the headstock’s original vertical support rods were re-threaded and re-used, but their nuts were replaced as they were excessively corroded. All the non-stainless steel metal components were hot dip galvanized and painted.

The bell was refitted on Thursday 07th December and returned to its weekly use on the following Sunday; and yes, it sounds as clear as a bell.

We must acknowledge the excellent work carried out by Skyline Ltd of Oldham; in addition to the high standard of refurbishment of the bell’s assembly, their high level rope access skills meant that it was not necessary to use scaffolding, thus realising a substantial saving on costs.

Images of the bell and its refitting can be viewed shortly in the ‘Gallery’ page.