St Asaph VP Infants school visit

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Today, year 2 from the VP Infants school came to the Parish church to learn about prayer. We learnt different ways to help us to pray using prayer cubes, buttons, a waste paper bin for our sorry prayers and popping bubble wrap for forgiving others prayers.

The children learnt more about the Lord’s Prayer and that Jesus loves little children talking to him, telling Him their concerns and giving thanks. They all took part in the activities really well, and we hope to see them again this term.

Christingle Service on Sunday 07th January 2018

A delightful and enjoyable Christingle service was held today, attended by a large number of young ones and not so young ones. It always creates a wonderful atmosphere when lighting the candles, and to hold them proudly high to celebrate Jesus Christ as the Light of the World’.

It was great to see so many new faces. It was also lovely to welcome the St Asaph Brownies to the service, especially as they were able to parade their flag for the first time in the Parish church.

Images of today’s Christingle service.

Messy Church Holiday Club 03rd January 2018

Holiday Club this morning had a party feel! We started with party games before settling down to hear about the star gazers, or wise men that followed an unusually bright star in the sky for a long time before it arrived over Bethlehem. There they found the baby Jesus, and recognised him as a future king and gave him expensive gifts of gold, frankincense and myhrr. We learned that we can follow Jesus too.
After some lovely food, we made paper treasure chests and put gold, frankincense and myhrr inside, and iced a gingerbread star to remind us of the star that the three wise men followed.
The next event in the Parish Church is the Christingle service on Sunday 7th January at 11am. We would love you to come and join us as we make our Christingles.”

Forget-Me-Not Tea Parties

Forget Me Not Tea parties will continue into 2018, starting on 11th January, from 2.00-4.00pm. These are a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to socialise over a cup of tea and rather nice cakes, to chat and reminisce. So whether you want good company, or whether you want to talk to a representative from the Alzheimers Society about someone you know with dementia, to get advice or support, do come and join us for tea; and of course there is no charge.
Tea parties happen monthly on the 2nd Thursday afternoon of each month, so please make a note on the calendar and we look forward to meeting you very soon.

Great fun at the Forget-Me-Not Christmas Tea Party.