Mothering Sunday

A warm welcome is extended to all to our special MOTHERING SUNDAY service on Sunday 19th March 2023

This will be an All-Age/ Family Service at 9.30am with special refreshments served after the service

“COMMUNITY FRIDGE” in St Asaph Parish Church

What is a “Community Fridge”? It offers free food from local supermarkets which is end-of-line or is close to its “best before” date.

Why do supermarkets supply it? Community Fridges are a nationwide network which aim to reduce the amount of food being wasted in landfill. Currently, up to 30% of all food is wasted in landfill which generates a substantial amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases. A Community Fridge is primarily an environmentally friendly project.

Is it a food bank? NO, NO, NO!

Who can use it? Anyone – no vouchers or referrals are needed and please use it as often as you can. You don’t have to live in St Asaph to use it. Just bring a large bag with you please!

Is it too good to be true? No, it is real, no catches.

Will it reduce my food bills? Well, yes because it is free, but we can’t promise to supply specific items each week, as it will depend on what is available in the supermarkets for collection by our “fridge volunteers”.

Where is it be based?  In St Asaph Parish Church. It is presently every week on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm, but please keep a watch on social media (Facebook) and for a banner which is placed on the church railings on the day it is operating. If it is used well and the demand for food continues, we will open twice a week in the future.

If I can afford to buy food, can I still use it? Yes, of course because you will be helping the environment, but you may want to make a donation towards the running costs of the project. The project money will be managed totally independently from church funds.

How does it work? Just come along during the opening times. If there’s a need to wait your turn, then you will be shown to a seat and offered a free hot drink.

How do I find out about it? There is a St Asaph Parish Church Community Fridge Facebook page; here is the link to it

Can I volunteer to help? Of course, please contact us via the Facebook page or pop down to the church when we are open to find out more information; or call or text to 07841 160430.